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 Garten Sjøhus AS

 N-7153 Garten
 Tlf: +47 72521483      

 Mobil: +47 95771811

How to find us:


From south:
There are two main roads from Oslo to Trondheim – E6 or R3. 

The main roads (E6  and R3) meet at Ulsberg, approximately 440 km north of 


From Ulsberg to Berkåk, at E6, there are 11 km.
From Berkåk Rv 700 to Orkanger, then Rv 710 to Valset. From here a ferry boat

to Brekstad.

From north:
The North Fosen road, Rv 715 from Namdalseid to Krinsvatn. From here Rv 710

to Brekstad.

An alternative is to take Rv 720 / 715 via Malm and Rissa or Rv 755 / 715 via

Mosvik and Leksvik  to Krinsvatn.


From Trondheim:
From Flakk (Trondheim) to Rørvik, then Rv 715 to Krinsvatn from here 

Rv 710 to Brekstad.

You can also drive via Orkanger and from here Rv 710 to Valset. From here a ferry boat to Brekstad.

From Brekstad to Garten:

From Brekstad Fv.241 in the direction of Garten, 10 km.

The road are marked Garten / Storfosna. Garten Sjøhus is situated close to 

the ferry dock in Garten.


By Plane:

If you should like to arrive by plane, there are two possibilities:

The simple way is to go by Oslo airport Gardemoen (OSL). From Oslo you go with Air Norway directly to Trondheim airport Ørland (OLA). The airport is 7 kilometres away from Garten. Take notice, they  are not flying on Saturdays!

You can also go to Trondheim airport Værnes, about 35 kilometres east of Trondheim. From hire you can go by buss to Trondheim city. Then you go with a fast boat from the Pier-Terminal to Brekstad. 

You can also rent a car at Værnes airport and go the 135 kilometers to Garten by car. Remember you have to cross the fjord. The ferry schedule you can find here.

Schedules for Boat, Ferry and Air Norway you can find here: LINKS


                     Garten Sjøhus, Norway